AWSA Fall Retreat at MUNCE Sept 2017

SAVE THE DATES for 2017:

AWSA Fall Retreat at Munce in Murfreesboro: TN:  September 15 – 17

Friday the 15th:  Arrive for dinner with the girls Friday night. (optional)

Saturday the 16th:  Fantastic trainings and Mastermind Groups Sessions with attendees – All day Saturday.

Sunday 17th:  Worship and Training and more! (See below)

  • Sunday Afternoon:  You can sign your books for bookstores!
  • Sunday Night:  Banquet with Munce:  AWSAs to be feature who won our books of the year contest.  PLUS BIG SURPRISE AWARD!!

Monday- Tuesday 18th – 19th:   Separate Event!  The Munce Christian Product Expo!  Stay and sign at our AWSA booth!

Please review Last Year’s Event Below for a Sense of how Our Munce Event will Take Shape:

Registration for 2017 NOT YET OPEN, do not register on the links below.

AWSA 2016 Retreat September 17-18 Followed by Munce’s CPE  from 18 – 20 in Murfreesboro, TN

DSC_0849NOTE:  These two different events take place September 17 – 20th.  But you can pick and choose which/or both/ events you wish to attend.

Our Fall AWSA Retreat (September 17 – 18) is a AWSA  bonus retreat which will include ADVANCED social media, media and publishing training,  plus connection with women who know what your life is like, spiritual renewal, powerful prayer AND a chance to attend the C P E (Christian Products Expo) sponsored by Munce Group – Sept 18-20, 2016.  OH!  Our AWSA retreat also includes small group mentoring sessions, media interviews and MORE!  If you are speaking this weekend, drive over,  or fly in, as soon as you are free!

Bring Mentees!  (there is a place for them to register below.)

Bring Hubbies!  They will hang out together and are invited to our Sunday worship too.


Chonda to speak at Munce Banquet!

The CPE event (Sept 18 – 20) will include wonderful banquets with dear booksellers and you will her star-studded  speakers like Chonda Pierce as well as recording artists. You will also be presented with a chance to sign books for bookstore peeps, and a chance to go to the CPE exhibit floor and build relationships with bookstores.  Note the Expo floor show is free!




See full FALL REREAT schedule, click HERE:

Otherwise, an overview of these events are below.


Arriving Friday?  Go out to dinner with the girls!


The AWSA event begins on Saturday September 17, 2016 in Murfreesboro, TN for an early bird session in the morning.

This  will be an incredible day!  Linda will share her heart for the first time since her daughter’s heaven day.  Eddie Melson will teach advanced social media, Karen Whiting will teach Branding, plus there will be other advanced training classes.  We will have small group MENTORING sessions, appointments with experts and interviews and media events.


On Sunday, we will worship together and hear from God’s Word and continue with our advanced training.

On Sunday afternoon, there are 10 slots available to personally sign books to bookstore owners.  (only a couple left, sign up now!)

canas voiceMUNCE EVENT: SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY  (September 18th p.m. – September 20th a.m.)

Beginning Sunday evening through Tuesday morning, AWSAs will  go to MUNCE’s CPE show where we will join bookstore owners for worship services, banquets, concerts with top name artists, plus the opportunity to visit the exhibit floor for free. AWSA will have a booth on the floor and AWSAs will have an opportunity to sign books.  (You must sign up for your own booksigning on the AWSA Retreat link below.)



Enjoy Mark Lowry

Enjoy Mark Lowry

So, Who is Munce?

Munce in an organization which caters to Christian Bookstores!  In fact, the Munce Group is a full-service marketing group, offering numerous marketing programs and service to help the independent Christian retailer.

Their CPE Fall Show attracts hundreds of bookstore owners to the exhibit and training sessions and AWSA has been invited! If you decide to stay for the CPE show you can sign up to attend banquet events with:

  • Mark Lowry
  • Cana’s Voice
  • Out of the Dust
  • Jake Mulder
  • ALliance Defending Freedom


13557929_1333483850013398_3110852828876829364_nHOW TO REGISTER FOR THESE EVENTS 


DIRECTIONS— If you plan to go to the AWSA Retreat, followed by the Munce CPE Convention and Banquets, please complete Steps 1 and 2.    To book a room at the Embassy Suites, please complete Step 3 as well.

(This means you will have to return to this page a couple of times so you can complete this process and access different web pages through each of the links below.)

STEP 1: AWSA Fall Retreat as well as Optional Book Signings Only, Click HERE   (MEMBERS ONLY)

Or, if you are a MENTEE (a non-member of AWSA who is coming to be mentored), CLICK HERE.

Please note that this is a women’s retreat.  Hubbys of AWSAs and Mentees will have some planned activities to do together, and will be included in worship on Sunday.

STEP 2:  (optional) Register separately for MUNCE CPE Event (Sept  18th  p.m. thru Sept 20.  Sign up for their special banquets if you’d like.) click HERE.

STEP 3:  Register for Hotel Rooms at the Embassy Suites & Convention Center, Murfreesboro, Click HERE

(CPE will be held at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center, 1200 Conference Center Blvd, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129)



See you in Murfreesboro, TN.

Flying?  Land in Nashville (32 minutes away)

Need a shuttle or transportation to get to the hotel from the Nashville airport? See Munce’s recommendations; click HERE.


Shipping Books:

Sending books to the hotel for the  Munce Conference..

1.  Embassy Suites will receive and hold your packages at no charge.  There will be a charge to deliver your packages to your room.

2.  Your mailing label should look something like this:

       Guest:  Your Name

       Arrival date:   your check in date

      Embassy Suites Hotel

      1200 Conference Center Blvd.

      Murfreesboro, TN 37129

3.  If you have further questions, call 615-890-4464

4.  Try to have your boxes arrive no sooner than three days prior to arrival.

Praying for you and your packages’ timely and safe arrival.

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