AWSA at Munce 2017 Schedule

Friday Night

Girl’s night out at hotel restaurant. Bring  your wallet.


Morning Session

8:00-8:05        Emcee: Pat Layton

8:05-8:15        Welcome: Linda, Karen, Rhonda

8:15-8:20        Prayer: Dianne Butts

8:20-8:40         Devotional Speaker: Athena Dean

8:40-9:00        Break

9:00-9:30        Speaker: Linda Shepherd

9:30-10:45      Monica Schmelter – TV Interview Insights

10:50-11:30    Workshops

*How to Do a Successful Book Launch – Julie Gillies

*Better PowerPoint– Amy Williams


10:30-11:45 Workshops

Room 1 – 10:30 – 11:00 – Blogging

11:15-11:45 – Powerpoints

Room 2 – 10:30 – 11:00 – Successful book launch

11:15-11:45 – Proteges

11:30-12:30    Lunch – hotel


Early Afternoon Session


1:00-1:10        Emcee: Cheri Cowell

1:10-1:15        Prayer: Michelle Cox

1:15-2:15         Erica Wiggenhorn – Market Your Book

2:15-2:45        Karen Porter – Stage Presence

2:45-3:40        Deb Coty – Ministry-Changing Newsletters

3:40-4:00         Break


Later Afternoon Session


4:00-4:10        Emcee: Sue Badeau

4:10-4:15        Prayer: Kaley Rhea

4:15-5:15        Seminar:  Bethany Jett – Instagram Intensive

5:15- 6:15       Mastermind Groups – facilitated by Karen Porter

6:15-7:30        Dinner – on our own


Evening Session


7:30-7:35        Emcee: Cynthia Cavanaugh

7:35-7:40        Prayer

7:40-8:00        Devotional Speaker:  Jennifer Kennedy Dean

8:00-8:50         Prayer Session: Jennifer Kennedy Dean

8:50-9:00         Ending with Linda Shepherd – Insights from the day, announcements, etc.





9:00-9:20        Emcee: Martha Bolton

9:20-9:25        Prayer: Jayme Hull

9:25-9:50        Worship Music – Staci Frenes

9:50-10:30      Speaker:  Gari Meacham

10:30-10:40    Prayer: Linda


10:40-11:00    Break



11:00-11:10     Emcee: Suzanne Kuhn?

11:10-11:15     Prayer: Laura Petherbridge

11:15-11:25     Worship: Staci Frenes

11:25-11:45    Final Charge: Rhonda Rhea

11:45-12:00    Final thoughts from Linda and Karen

12:00               Lunch on our own

10:40-11:00    Break



11:00-11:10    Emcee: Suzanne Kuhn

11:10-11:15     Prayer: Sandra Lovelace
11:15-11:25     Worship: Staci Frenes

11:25-11:45     Final Charge: Rhonda Rhea

11:45-12:00    Final thoughts from Linda Shepherd and Karen Porter

12:00               Lunch on our own


4:00  Booksigning for Munce Bookstores. Members, reserve your spot!

AWSA at Munce 2017 EXPO (CPE)

MUNCE EXPO (CPE) Event (Separate from AWSA Retreat)

(Sunday Afternoon the 17th till Tuesday Afternoon the 19th)

Munce Registration details at end of this description)

Who is Munce?

Munce is like CBA – but different.  It is a bookstore association – with buying power.  They meet with publishers to shop new products, enjoy banquets with celebrity keynoters and musicians and attend book signings with us AWSA authors.

Their CPE Fall Show attracts hundreds of bookstore owners to the exhibit and training sessions! If you decide to stay for the CPE show you can sign up to attend banquet events with:

  • Charles Stanley
  • TBA

NOTE –  Non AWSA members can also attend, but like AWSAs, will have to register separately for this event (below).

  • Sunday Afternoon:  Author Booksigning for Bookstores!  (Limited to 15, AWSA members only. Register below.)
  • Sunday Night:  Banquet with Munce:  AWSAs who won our books of the year contest to be featured.  AWSA Lifetime Achievement Award to be given!
  • Monday Lunch:  Included in Full or Partial Expo Registration
  • Monday Banquet:  Included in Full or Partial Expo Registration
  • Tuesday Lunch:  Included in Full or Partial Expo Registration


Download Registration PDF, click HERE.

(CPE will be held at the SAME Embassy Suites and Convention Center as the AWSA Retreat, 1200 Conference Center Blvd, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129)


The Amazing Secrets of the NEW AWSA Inner Circle

Don’t be left out of the AWSA Inner Circle

Sisters, you are the life-changers, the good news bringers – and you need tools to help you through the mire we call the publishing and speaker world.  That’s why we are here to help.

Now you can sign up for a year’s worth of our wonderful new online seminar training and group coaching.

This special offer comes with thirty minutes of a one on one coaching session with either Linda Evans Shepherd or Karen Porter – available only to the first 10 people who sign up.

Once a month, you will be invited onto our live training webinar with group coaching – for inner circle members only.

Topics will include —

  • Getting those BIG speaking engagements you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Duplicating the success of AWSA members who have over a million hits on their blogs.
  • Building a platform that will not only make publishers take notice, but will help you sell your books and events.
  • Writing your next book in thirty days.
  • Finding untapped new markets and strategies for authors.
  • Insider tips from big name editors, they don’t talk about (except to us!)
  • Discover which social media really works.  Our best tips to help you reach a wider audience.
  • The best techniques to schedule your time and productivity
  • How to handle difficult counseling situations that come up in your ministry.

PLUS – there will be LIVE discussions – and you can ask our experts questions – and those answers will make all the difference in reaching your audiences.

Our webinars will come LIVE to you monthly, and it you can’t make a live session, you will be able to watch the recording.

Plus, you will be part of the elite inner circle of AWSA – getting the helps you need, getting your difficult questions answers, and moving forward with all that God has called you to do.


Plus, you will be the first in the know, the first to have the ability to sign up for VERY SPECIAL and EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS!

You will develop deeper professional relationships, and as you know, that is so important in what we do.  Who knows the connections God is going to bring together.

And remember – the first 10 people who sign up – get the free live one on one coaching with Linda or Karen.

So, what would this program be worth to you?  Other groups charge $10,000 a year for such a service.  But because we love you – and want to help you, we won’t even charge you $5000 a year for this.

But don’t you think this program would be worth $2000 a year?.  Well, we are slashing that price by 75 percent.  We are offering this program to you for only $500.00 a year – with easy monthly payments.

But if you register by August 1st, we will knock off another hundred bucks.

So sign up, and lock yourself in to the discount and free coaching.

CLICK HERE to get started.

AWSA Inner Circle Payment Options

Congratulations.  You are getting $100 off our program by signing up now.

We’ve broken this down for you, so you can save money by paying for the year, or you can pay once every four months, or you can pay monthly.


Option A:  To save 5 percent of total with yearly payment, CLICK HERE

Option B: To make three easy payments per year, CLICK HERE

Option C:  To pay a very easy monthly payments, CLICK HERE

You can cancel at any time.

See you in our AWSA Inner Circle, starting in August.  Times and dates to be announced with options to attend live or watch our recording.

2016 Golden Scroll Winners

Announcing our 2106 Golden Scroll Winners

Cincinnati – AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) announced the winners of the 2016 Golden Scroll Awards for Publisher, Non-Fiction Editor, and Fiction Editor of the Year as well as the winners of the Golden Scroll Books of the Year contests at the 2016 Golden Scroll Awards and Banquet, Sunday, June 26th at the Duke Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

DSC_0025Honored for outstanding ministry partnerships with their authors, the Golden Scroll Publisher of the Year Award went to Worthy Publishing. AWSA author Cynthia Ruchti says of Worthy, “They are fully invested in publishing books people need to read. No detail is left to chance or whim. It’s a prayed-over publishing process at Worthy.”

Andy Mcguire was named the winner of the Golden Scroll Non-Fiction Editor of the Year Award. AWSA author Terri Roberts said of Mcguire, “Andy showed great support and encouragement through the entire process even though I was battling serious health challenges of stage 4 cancer. He and his staff were there for me.”

DSC_0028The Fiction Editor of the Year was awarded to Jamie Clarke Chavez of, AWSA author Cynthia Ruchti says of Clarke, “Her breadth of knowledge and depth of caring are immense. She not only impacts the finished product, but me as an author.”

DSC_0033The Golden Scroll Nonfiction Book of the Year Award went to Saundra Dalton-Smith for Come Empty from SonRise Devotionals. The judges remarked, “Saundra encourages the reader to spend intimate time with Jesus who will not only fulfill our longings but will fill the emptiness within.”

Golden Scroll Merit Awards for Nonfiction were also awarded to Patrica A. Ennis for God is My Strength from Christian Focus, Tina Samples and Dave Samples for Messed Up Men of the Bible from Kregel Publications and Deb DeArmond for I Choose You Today from Abingdon Press.

Silver Scroll Merit Awards for Nonfiction went to Nan Corbitt Allen for Small Potatoes and Tuesdays @ The Piggly Wiggly from Allen House Productions, Terri Roberts with Jeanette Windle for Forgiven: The Amish School Shooting, a Mother’s Love, and a Story of Remarkable Grace from Bethany House Publishers and Susan K. Steward for Formatting e-Books for Writers from Practical Inspiration.

DSC_0037The Golden Scroll Novel of the Year Award went to Lynette Eason for Always Watching from Revell of Baker Publishing Group. The judges agreed, “This novel earns a five-star plus in our book.”

Golden Scroll Merit Awards for Fiction were also awarded to Deborah Raney for both Another Way Home and Two Roads Home from Abingdon Press and Eva Marie Everson for Five Brides from Tyndale House Publishers.

Silver Scroll Merit Awards for Fiction went to Sandra Picklesimer Aldrich for Zetta’s Dream from Bold Words, Inc, Kathi Macias for Return to Christmas from New Hope Publishers, and Sarah Sundin for Through Waters Deep from Revell of Baker Publishing Group.

DSC_0039The Golden Scroll Children’s Book Merit Award was awarded to Lee Ann Mancini – for What a Bragger  from GLM Publishing LLC. The Golden Scroll Children’s Book of the Year was awarded to Michelle Lazurek for Daddy, am I Beautiful? from Pauline Books & Media. The judges remarked, “This delightful children’s books shows girls that true beauty exists when we show God’s love from the inside out, even if they have green skin and spaghetti and meatballs for hair.”

DSC_0040The Advanced Writers and Speakers Association is Proud to have created our very own magazine for the Christian Women Leaders of the Church. This Magazine, which is building a huge audience in it’s own right, has been awarded The Evangelical Press Association Merit Award for a Christian Ministry Digital Publication two years in a row.  Torry Martin was presented the Leading Hearts Magazine Award for his article “A Hairy Situation” which also  placed in the Humor Article Category in EPA’s High Goals Category.

DSC_0046In addition, the 2016 AWSA Member of the Year Award went to Cynthia L. Simmons. AWSA founder Linda Evans Shepherd says of Cynthia, “She serves the Lord with her whole heart, whether it’s writing her books, hosting her radio show, directing the Atlanta Christian Writers Conference or mentoring home school moms.”

DSC_0041The Beyond Me Award went to Sheryl Giesbrecht, an acclaimed author and radio host who has a heart for missions around the world. The prestigious 2016 Golden Scroll Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Kay Arthur. Shepherd says of Arthur, “Kay may be the famed author of over 100 books, a TV show host, and the founder of Precept Ministries International, but her accomplishments have come as a result of her service unto her Lord Jesus Christ.”

DSC_0018Torry Martin served as the keynote speaker along with recording artist Babbie Mason and Linda Goldfarb serving as emcee. Authors Carol Kent and Pam Christian presented the awards. Babbie Mason also performed a parody written by Martha Bolton dedicated to editors and publishers.

AWSA, the sponsor of the Golden Scroll Awards Banquet, is an outreach of Right to the Heart Ministries and consists of over 400 top ICRS women authors who both publish and speak nationally. See


See the 2016 winners, click HERE.

See the 2015 winners, click HERE.

See the 2014 winners, click HERE.

See the 2013 winners, click HERE.

See the 2012 winners, click HERE.

See the 2011 winners, click HERE.

See the 2010 winners, click HERE.

See the 2009 winners, click HERE.


2016 Golden Scroll Winners

Change Your Directory Information

Need Changes to your Listing?

Contact changes are free.  Simply fill out the form below.

If you want to update more than your contact info, like photos, youtubes, urls, and bios, we charge a small $10.00 fee to cover our webmaster’s time.  Click HERE to get started.  You can email Linda at with your needed changes.  Otherwise, Linda will email you to see what you need.


2016 FALL AWSA Retreat @ Munce CPE Mufreesboro

AWSA Bonus Fall Retreat Schedule, Murfreesboro, TN

September 17-18, 2016 Saturday, Sunday (Munce 18-20)


Morning Session
8:00-8:10        Emcee: Rhonda
8:10-8:15        Welcome: Linda, Karen
8:15-8:20        Prayer: Monica Schmelter
8:20-8:40        Devotional Speaker: Cynthia Cavanaugh
8:40-9:40        Speaker: Linda Shepherd – speaking, then leading in a special time of prayer
9:40-10:00      Break
10:00-11:00    Edie Melson – Advanced Social Media Marketing
11:00-12:00    Workshops
Cynthia Ruchti – Fiction
Karen Whiting – Marketing/Branding
Linda Gilden – Mentees
12:00-1:00      Lunch – hotel
Early Afternoon Session
1:00-1:10        Emcee: Cynthia Simmons
1:10-1:15        Prayer: Andy Lee
1:15-3:40        Industry Update:  Karen Porter
Mastermind groups (including a mentee group) – facilitated by Karen Porter
3:40-4:00        Break
Later Afternoon Session
4:00-4:10        Emcee: Karynthia Phillips
4:10-4:15        Prayer: Debbie W. Wilson
4:15-5:00        Speaker:  Anita Brooks “Fresh Faith Focus: Finding Out What Resonates Without Wasting Your Resources”
5:00- 5:30       Media exchange/networking minute – facilitated by Anita Brooks
5:30-7:00        Dinner – on our own
Evening Session
7:00-7:10        Emcee: Linda Gilden
7:10-7:15        Prayer: Karen Whiting
7:15-7:30        Devotional Speaker:  Michelle Medlock Adams
7:30-8:20        Prayer: Joy Schneider – Prayer teaching, then leading us through a prayer time (not yet confirmed)
8:20-8:30        Ending with Linda Shepherd – Insights from the day, announcements, etc.
9:00-9:10        Emcee: Julie Gillies
9:10-9:15        Prayer: Robyn Dykstra
9:15-9:40        Worship: (per Karynthia)
9:40-10:00      Devotional Speaker: Monica Schmelter
10:00-10:20    Break
10:20-10:25    Prayer
10:25-11:15    Speaker:  Cynthia Ruchti
11:15-11:30    Farewell: Linda, Karen, Rhonda – Closing Prayer: Linda
11:30               Buffet lunch

Go Back to Fall Retreat Registration Page, click HERE.





AWSA Fall Retreat at MUNCE Sept 2017

Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Presents

AWSA Retreat at Munce and More

(5 Different Events) 

September 15 – 19; Pick your days to come or stay the whole time!



AWSA @ Fall Retreat at CPE in Murfreesboro

Hooray!  It’s time for our Advanced Writers and Speakers Retreat in TN, in conjunction with the book store group MUNCE and the Christian Product Expo!  Look at these events you can get involved with!

  1. Event 1:  AWSA Friday Night Girl’s Night Out (for everyone) Fri. pm., Sept 15
  2. Event 2: The AWSA Fall Retreat (limited seating) Sat. Sept 16 – Sun. Sept. 17.
  3. Event 3:  Book-signing party at Munce (limited!) Sun. Sept 17 (afternoon)  (Members can register to sign books!)
  4. Event 4:  AWSA Booth at the Christian Product Expo  Mon. Sept. 18 -Tues. 19 (sign your books to retailers at the Munce Christian Book Expo!)
  5. Event 5: The Munce CPE Expo (Banquets and more!) Sun. Sept 17 – Tues. Sept. 19  This is not part of AWSA and you  have to register separately with links provided below.

Also below, hotel info, travel, and CPE registration.


EVENT 1:  AWSA Girls Night Out (For Everyone)  Hotel Restaurant.

Friday, September 15th PM:  (Pre-Retreat Fun. Everyone Invited!)

AWSA Girls Night Out – We will meet at the hotel for dinner at 7:00 or as you arrive to the retreat.  AWSA Members and Proteges invited.  (optional event – but if you attend, please bring your wallet!)

EVENT 2:  The AWSA Fall Retreat!

Saturday, September 16th thru Sunday 17th: 

Hotel Registration Info at bottom of Page.

2017 AWSA RETREAT! – Starts at 9:00 am on Saturday, ends at 1:00 pm on Sunday.  Fantastic hands-on trainings and Mastermind Groups Sessions, media interviews and more – Member only – with 15 spots held for AWSA Proteges (Non-Members).  Prayer, fellowship with AWSAs, practical hands on helps with social media, publishing news, speaking ministry insights and more!  Retreat ends Sunday lunch the 17th.  Schedule is coming!

NOTE:  Addition MUNCE EXPO events are available from SUNDAY EVENING the 17th through TUESDAY the 19th.  See details for MUNCE EXPO Event  below.

See current schedule, Click HERE.

AWSA Fall Retreat Registration Links Below:

Before August 30, Click HERE

After August 30, Click HERE

HEY!!!!  Getting a blank screen when you try to register?  This will probably work,  please open a new browser window and copy and paste the following url.

Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

NOTE:  Only 15 Mentee/Protege spots available 

EVENT 3:  Sunday, September Afternoon – Author Book-Signing Party

This is at 4:00 pm on Sunday.  There are only 15 spots to grab to sign books for the bookstores.  Members coming to our AWSA Fall Retreat get first priority to participate in this event! If you would like to have a spot, members can sign up with AWSA Fall Retreat registration.  

EVENT 4:  AWSA Booth at the CPE Munce EXPO, Signing

This is so much fun!  Hang with the AWSAs, meet the book sellers!  Sign your books. To reserve you spot, members can sign up with AWSA Fall Retreat registration.  Otherwise, CLICK HERE.

EVENT 5:  MUNCE (Christian Product Expo) Banquets and CPE Registation

Sunday pm, September 17 THRU Tuesday Lunch, September 19  

CLICK HERE for more information and to register.  But note, this is an event  which is entirely separate from AWSA, and if you wish to attend their banquets, you must register with the link we have provided for you here.

NOTE:  Sunday Banquets to feature our AWSA Lifetime Achievement Award and AWSA book award winners!  Charles Stanley keynoting.  This would be worth coming to,


See you in Murfreesboro, TN.

Flying?  Land in Nashville (32 minutes away)

Need a shuttle or transportation to get to the hotel from the Nashville airport? See Munce’s recommendations; click HERE.

Highly recommend UBER as well.  You’ll need to download the app into your phone, if you haven’t already, then order a car when you arrive at the airport.



We are staying at the beautiful Murfreesboro Embassy Suites for a SUPER PRICE of $149 for 1 to 2 beds in your suites.

Click HERE to register for your room.



Sending books to the hotel for the  Munce Conference..

1.  Embassy Suites will receive and hold your packages at no charge.  There will be a charge to deliver your packages to your room.

2.  Your mailing label should look something like this:

       Guest:  Your Name

       Arrival date:   your check in date

      Embassy Suites Hotel

      1200 Conference Center Blvd.

      Murfreesboro, TN 37129

3.  If you have further questions, call 615-890-4464

4.  Try to have your boxes arrive no sooner than three days prior to arrival.

Praying for you and your packages’ timely and safe arrival.

Laura Kay Shepherd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Miss Laura3Hi Dear Friends,

We are blessed and humbled that you want to participate in the Laura Kay Shepherd Memorial Fund.  Laura Kay is the daughter of AWSA founder Linda Evans Shepherd.  Though Laura lived a life of disablities, she was filled with joy, peace, kindness and joy!  Laura died just a day after her 30th birthday, July 23rd, 2016.  She is sorely missed by her family.

Thank you for helping to make Laura’s memory a living legacy of help to our AWSA sisters who need scholarships for our upcoming events.


Karen Porter; 2016 AWSA President

Donation Opportunities Below:

$20.00 Click Here

$50.00 Click Here.

$100 Click Here.

$500 Click Here.

$1000 Click Here.

NOTE, if you don’t see the exact account you want to use, can mix and match and also add multiple entries to get the number you wish to contribute.

Otherwise please send a Check with MEMO:  Laura Shepherd FUND


Linda Shepherd

PO Box 6421, Longmont, CO 80501

CBA Booth 2017


If you would like to purchase a badge – please go to:


Once again, the AWSAs are sponsoring a CBA booth and you can be a part to showcase yourself and your books with your own book signing.

Both space is limited, so hurry. The spaces are filling up fast and the deadline is for reservations for booth time, and all floor badges is around the corner.. Please note you must be an AWSA member to participate.

This year the booth space cost is $160.00 for one hour.

Floor badges for Exhibitors are available for $35.00. As before, we need volunteers. All Exhibitors are asked to commit to three hour service. It may actually be 2 hours but we need an initial commitment of three to be assured we have all the help needed.

Non-Exhibitors who volunteer to help can secure Floor Passes from AWSA for $50.00. The number of badges are limited, so act fast.

As an Exhibitor, if you want your Booth Happenings to be published in the CBA Daily paper, CBA charges $25.00 per listing.

When AWSA receives your purchase, Pamela Christian will be advised. She will then send you the form she requires in order to complete your purchase, schedule your time, and obtain all needed information.

To place your order please Click Here and check off the services you wish to purchase, then pay following the promptings.

How to Get a Badge if You are NOT Signing at our Booth.


If you are volunteering to help in our booth (no less than 2 hours,) you can get a badge for $50.00.  Please purchase in advance and please coordinate your time slot with Pam Christian.  (See our directory for her email address.)  To order this badge, Click Here.